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Save the Children is the world’s largest international, independent organization working to promote and defend children’s rights. Present in over 120 countries around the world, it is made up by a network of 30 national organizations and one international coordinating office (Save the Children International). Save the Children works in the field of humanitarian aid and in medium-long term assistance, wherever the organization recognizes that its own intervention can bring durable changes to children’s lives today. Save the Children Italy came into existence at the end of 1998, and it is currently managing projects in the following areas: child participation, child discrimination, child abuse and maltreatment, separated children, children on the move, child trafficking, child poverty, online child sexual abuse. Concerning the last, Save the Children is running the Stop-It Hotline since 2001, which provides an online facility, to general public for reporting online child sexual abuse material.

The Hotline is an Inhope member since 2003, it receives reports from the public via an online reporting form and email.  When the hotline receives reports, they are forwarded to law enforcement for further processing and analysis. In 2013, Stop-It forwarded over 3,600 reports to the relevant law enforcement agency; during 2014 it went through a technical renewal and started its work again in early 2015.

The Hotline works closely with relevant law enforcement agencies, the internet industry, government/policy makers, social service organizations, school/community groups and civilians to ensure effective measures are taken to prevent online child sexual abuse, to identify child victims and to guarantee that proper support is provided to them.

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