Dyżurnet.pl / NASK
ul. Kolska 12,
01-045 Warszawa

Phone: +48 22 5231-050
Website: https://dyzurnet.pl/en/about_us/about_us.html


Dyżurnet.pl is the team acting within the framework of the Research
and Academic Computer Network, qualified to receiving and reacting
 to notifications relating to the occurrence of illegal contents on the
Internet under Polish law.The opening of the Hotline is the consequence
of a competition announced within the framework of the Safer Internet
Action Plan of the European Commission. The Research and Academic
Computer Network, responsible for introducing Internet to Poland, feels
also jointly responsible for its development and content. Since 1996 in
the framework of NASK exists a team CERT Polska (Computer Emergency
 Response Team - initially as CERT NASK), responsible for helping all
internauts in cases violating security on the Internet.

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