Information & Communications Technologies Authority
of the Republic of Turkey (ICTA)

Eskişehir Yolu 10.Km
No:276 06530
Çankaya / Ankara

Telephone: +90 312 586 55 00

Email: inhope@ihbarweb.org.tr

Website: https://www.ihbarweb.org.tr/eng/


Our vision is to make our targeted groups (children, teens and
parents) aware of safer and responsible use of the Internet.

Our mission is to generalize the safe and responsible use of
Internet through making all the safer internet activities known
by public. Thus, non-governmental organizations and any
other related parties would also be oriented to take further
steps in this context. Because of the borderless structure of
the Internet, we give great importance to international
cooperation and thus we follow the international developments
closely. It is also important for us to contact with the experts to
receive the valuable opinions in this area.

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