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The CyberReport Hotline is the complaints mechanism for reporting offensive
or illegal online content in Australia. The Office of the Children’s
eSafety Commissioner (the Office) is an independent statutory body
within the Australian Government. The Office leads online safety
education for the Australian Government and protects Australian
children when they experience cyberbullying by administering a
complaints scheme, as well as dealing with complaints about prohibited
online content 

The Office runs the CyberReport Hotline as part of a legislated ‘online content
co-regulatory scheme’ in place under Australian law (the Broadcasting
Services Act 1992). It has been in operation since early 2000. The CyberReport
Hotline investigates complaints made by Australian residents, law
enforcement agencies and INHOPE member hotlines about child sexual
abuse material, alongside a range of other prohibited online content that
may be reported by Australian citizens. The CyberReport Hotline completes
investigations into child sexual abuse material and other illegal content
within two working days, and has legal take-down powers for prohibited
content hosted in, or made available from, Australia. Investigations
carried out by the CyberReport Hotline can involve content hosted across a
range of platforms, including web sites, file hosts and peer-to-peer
networks.  Through strong, formal relationships with Australian law
enforcement and other internet Hotlines around the world, the CyberReport
Hotline pursues the removal of online child sexual abuse material globally.

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