Our Mission

INHOPE is the global umbrella organization uniting National Internet hotlines engaged in combating online child sexual exploitation and child sexual abuse material. The mission of INHOPE is to support and enhance the work of these hotlines to strengthen the International efforts to combat child sexual abuse using a multi stakeholder approach.

To achieve this mission, INHOPE has five specific objectives:


→ To establish policies and best practice standards for hotlines and encourage exchange of expertise among members through fostering good working relationships and trust.

→ To ensure rapid and effective response to illegal content reports around the world by developing consistent, effective and secure mechanisms for exchanging reports between Hotlines internationally and ensuring a coordinated approach is taken.

→ To expand the network of INHOPE Hotlines around the world by identifying and supporting new Hotlines to become members by providing consultation and training to meet best practice standards.

→ To promote a better understanding of the work of hotlines to policymakers at an international level, including government, law enforcement and other related bodies, with the aim of achieving better co-operation internationally.

→ To raise awareness of INHOPE and member hotlines with key stakeholders as well as the general public as a "one stop shop" for global reports of illegal content from around the world especially Child Sexual Abuse Material.

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