Highlights of INHOPE's meeting in Crete

June 27, 2018

INHOPE hosted a series of meetings for its members and stakeholders in Crete, Greece from 12-14th June.  Over 80 representatives of member Hotlines and stakeholders participated. In total, 34 INHOPE member hotlines were represented.

On Tuesday 12th June, INHOPE organised a focus group on the "Dark Web" which explored its potential as a source of actionable intelligence to assist law enforcement in combating online child sexual abuse material (CSAM). There were speakers representing multiple sectors, including law enforcement, private industry, government agencies and non-profit organisations. The focus group concluded with a workshop on the "current and future challenges of combating CSAM on the dark web" with a focus on the role that hotlines can play and what tools they would need.

INHOPE also organised an internal development workshop in the late afternoon on how Hotlines will deal with new and emerging technical challenges in the future. This resulted in an agreed methodology for sharing technical know-how and experiences.

On Wednesday 13th June a Hotline training meeting began with a presentation on the legal, ethical and policy considerations that justify criminalisation of virtual CSAM. The session explored the regulation of virtual CSAM, which includes both pseudo-imagery and entirely computer-generated images (CGI) that convey a realistic impression of a child. The morning session had a presentation by ICF, which is  an international consultancy firm, wherein they provided an introduction on their 2 year European Commission funded-study on the framework currently being used to tackle online CSAM.

INHOPE members and stakeholder participants  also got the opportunity to hear from hotline representatives from 5 countries on their the legislative developments in relation to  CSAM . The countries represented were Greece, Australia, South Africa, Colombia and Iceland.

On Thursday 14th June, INHOPE held its formal AGM where the INHOPE Board elections were held. This involved the existing Board members stepping down after completing their terms and being legally discharged. Subsequently the INHOPE Association elected a new board.

The INHOPE network also welcomed CZ.NIC as a full member of the Association after successfully fulfilling all the requirements of their initial provisional membership. Regrettably three Hotlines had their membership revoked which was decided via a vote of INHOPE members. The Hotlines effected include Alia2 (Spain), CNTI (Cyprus) and Net Patrola (Serbia).As of June 2018, the INHOPE network has 45 members in 40 countries.

GDPR has been a challenge for many organisations during 2018. INHOPE was pleased to announce that it was deemed GDPR compliant by the 25th May deadline. Members also adopted an updated  Code of Practice to reflect GDPR compliance requirements.

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