MindGeek and INHOPE join forces to protect children online

June 19, 2019

MindGeek, a global leader in online and mobile, high-quality entertainment, and the International Association of Internet Hotlines (INHOPE), today announced a formal partnership that will help further their mission of keeping children out of, and away, from age-restricted media. MindGeek will be donating to INHOPE to support the organization’s efforts in this endeavor and will become an INHOPE corporate partner, joining the ranks of some of the biggest names in the tech industry – Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter among others. 

Since its inception, INHOPE has been committed to true corporate social responsibility; not only in their words, but in their actions. Under their leadership, INHOPE has established a sense of collective responsibility among the world’s leading tech companies to help combat the ongoing, overwhelming challenge that is child sexual abuse material (CSAM).

Operating in 40 countries around the globe, INHOPE has established 45 hotlines that allow members of the public to report child sexual abuse material (CSAM) to the appropriate authorities. If the content is something not previously reported, corporate partners ensure that the reports are shared swiftly with law enforcement, usually direct to INTERPOL who is well-equipped to handle victim identification and rescue efforts.

“INHOPE is delighted to welcome MindGeek as a corporate partner,” said Denton Howard, Executive Director, INHOPE. “The support given by MindGeek and all INHOPE corporate partners is vital in helping INHOPE achieve its mission of an internet free of child sexual abuse material (CSAM). Harnessing the power of private sector resources enables INHOPE to improve technology, build global capacity and deliver cutting-edge training. We look forward to working closely with the MindGeek team and all of our corporate partners to make a global impact against online CSAM‘’. The INHOPE corporate partner program includes Microsoft, TrendMicro, Facebook, Crisp Thinking, Twitter and Google.

MindGeek has long been an advocate for child protection and has actively worked to combat CSAM around the globe. MindGeek ensures that brands operating under its umbrella create and publish content in a responsible way and report malicious and inappropriate content when necessary. Furthermore, the company has made content verification tools, crucial in the fight to protect children, an integral part of their extensive portfolio.

“We believe in proactive and responsible corporate leadership and we take corporate social responsibility very seriously,” said Daniel Marsh, VP Global Operation, MindGeek. “It was clear to us that we needed to partner with an organization who shares that commitment and is highly focused on this issue of critical importance. We’re honored to serve as a corporate partner to INHOPE, an organization with a proven track record and which truly represents the best in class in their efforts to protect children across the world on the internet.”





Founded in 1999, INHOPE has grown to an international network of hotlines of 45 hotlines in 40 countries from across the world, all working together to eliminate online child sexual abuse material. INHOPE’s mission is to support and enhance the work of these hotlines to strengthen the international efforts to combat child sexual abuse using a multi-stakeholder approach.

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